jueves, 24 de julio de 2008

External Evaluation of Conciudadanía

According to commitments made with mutual cooperation agencies that support some of our projects (IFA-Zivik Agro Action, and Evangelicher Entwincklungsdienst-EED), and considering that the work we do from the Corporation for Citizen Participation is towards society, we share with you the results of the external evaluation for Conciudadanía, conducted by consultants Patricia Cleves (Colombia) and Carlos Jose Vigil (Argentina), between May 5th and May 23rd, 2008.

The projects taken into account for this assessment were:

- "Civilian Education for reconciliation in 16 municipalities of Antioquia"
- "Public policy and civilian education for reconciliation in 24 municipalities of Antioquia"
- "Consolidating the reintegration within Antioquia and orient towards reconciliation"
- "Antioquian Communities, involved in reintegration and reconciliation processes reconciliation"

This assessment, which has an institutional nature, gives an account of the reviews and the findings made regarding the actions of fellow citizens, as well as the main conclusions and recommendations.

We thank everyone who worked to effectively fulfil their task: to villagers and residents of municipalities, leaders, local authorities and departmental directors of NGOs and public figures, with information and views provided, allowed us to obtain valuable data and opinions.

We hope this information is a contribution for citizens to exercise their rights in strengthening local democracy and the pursuit for reconciliation.